STEVEN GOLDMAN (writer/creator of STYX TAXI):

He vibrates at the speed of light under the influence of good, strong coffee.

Steven is a DC-based writer who, in addition to STYX TAXI, has also co-written (with his brother Dan) two 24-page stories for Media Blasters‘ FLESH FOR THE BEAST anthology, a 6-page story entitled “Schmear” for Saucy Goose Press‘ erotic comic anthology SMUT PEDDLER, and last, but far from least, the searingly political graphic novel EVERYMAN: BE THE PEOPLE.

Much more to come: including new prose and comic STYX TAXI stories and the first STYX TAXI GN; his first prose/transmedia novel, NY-FI (formerly COUNTING TIME, previewed in ST: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW); and his first play, CROSS-STITCH.